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Votre coach fitness
   The sports fetches fear to dominate, fatigue to overcome the difficulty to overcome. [Pierre de Coubertin]   

Why work with a coach ?

Physical activity is a necessity for the body and mind through proper lifestyle and a proper level of health.
The utility of a personal trainer is undeniable as it is often difficult for the non sporting public access to physical activity for lack of knowledge and know-how, lack of time sometimes.

By the way, how many people who were meant to lose weight and finally won futures?

What are your goals ?

You dream of beautifying your body, maintain your shape and your tone, improve your physical and sports performances, I am here to accompany you in this challenge.
Your sports sessions will have to be the fruit of a dialogue together to optimize the achievement of your objectives in line with your level and your motivation.
Some people will need specific and timely coaching, others will develop a balanced fitness program for months.
We go on a first appointment to dwell on all of your goals that can be diverse and varied.

Lose Weight, Refine Your Silhouette, Follow Up And Nutritional Advice

You have taken a few pounds that you can not lose despite your efforts?
As a result of several unsuccessful diets, you feel tired, stressed, hurt in your body and in your skin ?
I propose to you a set of cardiovascular courses whose first objective is the thinning and the energy expenditure.
We will jointly set up a complete personalized program and will accompany you with dietary advice.

Tonify, firm, sculpt your body

You are looking for tonification, I propose a set of muscle building sessions whose purpose is to tone, firm, sculpt your body.
This can range from a flat stomach desire and contoured buttocks for you ladies to the most important muscle mass intake for you gentlemen.

Prepare an event

You want to prepare your muscles for the ski season ?
Improve your fitness for golf ?
Improve your tennis performance ?
You initiate to boxing ?
With the sessions I propose, I accompany you and guide you in every phase of your life.
I offer tailor-made courses and allow you to achieve your goals.

General fitness

Want to find a physical condition to feel better in your body ?
My tailor-made programs allow you to combine phases of cardiovascular exercises, with muscle building, all in a fun way !

Rebalance your posture, reduce your back problems

You have back problems ?
You do not know what to do to relieve your pain ?
With my tailor-made programs I would try to relieve your pain or reduce it to the maximum by working on the postural rebalancing, as well as the muscle building needed to protect your precious back.

Put all the chances on your side to achieve your goals with Body-Up !

Laurent, your coach

Come and judge for yourself what Body-Up can do for you ... FREE   TRIAL

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