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The ultrasonic waves belt Fitsonic

As many men and women, you have the feeling of having tried everything to lose the unsightly bulges that burdened your waist and thighs.

NO, you do not need to grieve a slender silhouette for with Body-Up, we can present you the qualities of Fitsonic belt.

Fitsonic the technique involves the application, for 40 minutes of ultrasonic waves belt on fat body parts to reshape the same time you perform a continuous physical activity (40 minutes).

This method has proven effective for many years on reducing the waistline and loss of centimeters at the desired locations either the stomach but also the thighs or buttocks.

Technically, under the effect of ultrasonic waves Fitsonic belt and exercise, your dimpling will release about 1,400 Kcal per 40-minute session.

Thus, within your energy balance (about 2000 kcal / day for women and 3000 kcal / day for men), you may lose your unwanted centimeters.

Because physical activity is a profession, because this discipline uses of multidomain solid knowledge, physiological, biomechanical, psychological, dietary and other, the professionalism of Body-Up will allow you to enjoy the benefits of Fitsonic belt.

The machine

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