• Body-Up - Route des Tattes d'oie 95, 1260 Nyon
  • +41 (0) 78 604 44 23
  • From monday to friday from 6am to 8pm
Votre coach fitness
   The belly is the greatest of all gods. [Euripide]   

Dreaming to lose belly fat

All we would all have a flat stomach and a slim waistline like magic!
Shelter of the digestive system, the stomach is a real brain bis sensitive to stress stroke as the vivid emotions and must therefore, as such, be treated with kindness.

Indeed, battered, belly swells, stores fat, relaxes.

A FREE  TRIAL at Body-Up will allow you to study or how to implement to accompany you to find a flat stomach.

Whith Laurent, your personal trainer at Body-Up, you can then plan with sessions depending on your available time, your physical abilities and the goals you want to fix you.

Because physical activity is a profession, because this discipline uses multi strong knowledge areas, physiological, biomechanical, psychological, dietary and other, Body-Up professionalism will allow you to lose your belly fat safely.

Present in Body-Up, belt ultrasonic FITSONIC like magnetic field MYOSCULTOR help you improve your silhouette.

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