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   What is exciting in golf is that even if badly we play, it is always possible to worsen her game. [Dave Barry]   

Improve my fitness for golf

Although golf is not included in endurance sports such as jogging or cycling is a sport that requires good physical condition to maintain, throughout the duration of a course, attention and qualities concentrations and neuropsychological abilities.

This is why the golf training must be an ongoing commitment that takes care of every detail.

As an example, the swing. The latissimus dorsi muscle is mainly put to use on the move, so it makes sense to seek to strengthen it to avoid back pain ...

Specific physical preparation golfer will allow him to maintain his attention and concentration skills and sensory neuro critical capabilities for performance. With this preparation, fatigue will not affect the quality of the game.

A FREE  TRIAL at Body-Up will allow you to study or how to implement to best prepare your fitness golfer.

Laurent, your personal trainer at Body-Up can then plan with you sessions depending on your available time, your physical abilities and the goals you want to secure you as a golfer in the broader framework of your form physical.

Because physical activity is a profession, because this discipline uses multi strong knowledge areas, physiological, biomechanical, psychological, dietary and other, the professionalism of Body-Up allows you to prepare your body in order to take full advantage of your future golf season.


Our devices, MIHA BODYTEC , POWER PLATE et KEISER FUNCTIONAL TRAINER you will find at Body-Up, you will improve your fitness for your golf season.

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