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   The tennis is more than a sport. It is an art, as well as dance. [Bill Tilden]   

Improve my performance tennis

Tennis, asymmetrical sport, requires a complete specific physical preparation, as indeed the technical equipment have evolved and require musculature suited to this sport.
Tennis is a sport of contrasts as it is both speed sports, endurance sports and precision sport.

The physical preparation for tennis aims to prevent imbalances while allowing gestural amplitudes necessary for the game, improve power transmission between the legs and snowshoeing, to increase the firepower of bullets while improving speed of implementation of this strength, improve endurance both in strength and speed all while one is seeking one side of the body at the expense of the other.

We must also consider that tennis is a sport moving with accelerations and speeds that can be very significant and non-linear, more repeat sprints generates very quick recovery needs.

Amateur tennis player as a professional, come on Body-Up for a FREE  TRIAL , which will allow you to study or how to implement to prepare physically to improve your performance in tennis.

Laurent, your personal trainer at Body-Up can then plan with you sessions depending on your available time, your physical abilities and the goals you want to secure you as a tennis player as much as in the wider context of your fitness.

Because physical activity is a profession, because this discipline uses multi strong knowledge areas, physiological, biomechanical, psychological, dietary and other, the professionalism of Body-Up allows you to prepare your body to improve your performance tennis.


Our devices, MIHA BODYTEC et KEISER FUNCTIONAL TRAINER you will find at Body-Up, you will improve your fitness tennis.

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