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  • In just 12 years, X-BIONIC® redefined the world of functional clothing.
    To do X-BIONIC® leaned intensive and highly scientific about perfect examples that gives us nature to make clothes.
  • Regulate the heat ...
    The fennec, this small desert fox supports very high temperatures of the desert with its shiny and silvery fur and cooling is ensured by its large ears.
    Inspired by the fennec, the XITANIT ™ innovative material developed by X-BIONIC® helps reflect heat radiation from outside and widely distribute the sweat on the skin to provide effective cooling.
  • The athletes were already wearing cotton while cars still started at the crank ... Today, we drive with intelligent hybrid technology, energy recovery, ABS, ESP, ...
    Much progress that raise questions: clothing for athletes they can be as innovative, efficient and future-oriented automotive, space travel or medicine ?
    YES provided rethink technical clothing as does the innovation cluster X-Technology, the cradle of all innovations X-BIONIC®.
  • Turn sweat into energy ...
    Wallabies found a special technique to maintain optimal body temperature licking their forearms, the resulting humidity causes heat loss through evaporation and ensures a light refreshment.
    Inspiring 3D-BionicSphere® system in which sweat is distributed over a large area of the skin with a very fine structure causing an immediate refreshment that helps the body to maintain an optimal temperature to remain competitive.
  • The ptarmigan are true ace of survival because they have adapted to the inhospitable conditions in the high snowy mountains.
    This bird has inspired the X-HD BIONIC® Instructor Shirt, with the Suprafleece ™ system, holding highly insulating properties.
  • Cool when you sweat and warm when you are cold.
    This is the body temperature of 37 ° C that we feel best and that we have the maximum of our physical means, the objective of X-BIONIC® clothing is to maintain this temperature you perspire or have cold ...
    Ideal for many sports like skiing, jogging, cycling, X-BIONIC® clothes allow you to improve your performance as your endurance.
  • The design of the summit: the Red Dot Design award
    More than 11,000 participants from 61 countries compete each year in total for the coveted quality label 'red dot' international award that recognizes the achievements of an outstanding quality of design.
    The 'red dot' was given to X-BIONIC® by different criteria, including innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, symbolic and emotional concept and the obvious appearance of a product.

The X-BIONIC® clothing

Since 2002, X-BIONIC® develops most innovative clothing as each other and, in just 12 years, X-BIONIC® redefined the world of functional clothing.

To do X-BIONIC® leaned intensive and highly scientific about perfect examples that gives us nature to make clothes.

Based in Switzerland, the brand relies on a significant research activity and development, combining the core businesses (sports, doctors, physiologists, engineers, ...) to an X-piece suit highly BIONIC® innovative and technical.

Whether for walking, running, hiking, skiing and other sports, the X-BIONIC® clothes are from a constant research in technology and quality.

Quality, performance, avant-garde appearance and design of the X-BIONIC® clothes make X-BIONIC® is an internationally awarded brand at numerous occasions.

Today, as a reseller X-BIONIC®, Body-Up can help you benefit from the many technological advances in sportswear.

Click one of the links if you want to know some of the ambassadors X-BIONIC® or to learn more about X-BIONIC® technology .


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